And for the gap salvo of the series in its third season, they offered us the Vampire Diaries Season three Episode 1: The Birthday. 

Its presents the eighteenth birthday celebration of Elena whereby she couldn’t hide to herself her staggering affection for Stefan’s brother, Damon Salvatore. Specifically, she was coping with her conscience, as a result of she felt thus guilty for having that emotion towards the brother of her boyfriend who had left the Mystic Falls and associate with Klaus. and also the twist is that, in her birthday, she received a present from Damon that she actually required, and everybody is wondering what it's. On the opposite hand, Alaric still coping with his grief tried his best to appear once Elena and Jeremy once the death of his wife, Jenna Summers. during this state of affairs, we are able to see him in an exceedingly fatherly manner watching the 2 young people that has been protected by Jenna when she’s alive. And Klaus was busy coping with a werewolf named Ray Sutton along with Stefan. Meanwhile, Jeremy having nice question on his mind, once the ghost of Vicki and Anna shows up to him since he was delivered to life once more by Bonnie’s magic. And it absolutely was Caroline was facing a brand new challenge along with Tyler unexpectedly.Vampire Diaries Season three Episode 1

The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 1, come this Thursday night, September 15 for its third season gap with an episode title of "The Birthday" that continues with what the 2nd season had left off. within the episode, it'll be Elena's birthday however it looks that "our princess" of TVD is missing one thing, truly it's somebody. Why? Its as a result of Stefan isn't there for her on supposedly a special occasion for her. However, the dangerous boy vamp is there to be the proxy for him i.e. Damon. can his charm take Elena's heart or what? simply watch The Vampire Diaries season three episode one on Thursday to examine what happens next.

Aside from the come of this show, one more newest magical and supernatural series can open its book to Thursday viewers. That is, the key Circle are gap its story with its pilot episode which is able to air right once Vampire Diaries. you must watch the said new series to examine how the key Circle can introduce the novel that turns to TV series. 

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Premiere
Hey guys, missed Elena Gilbert at the side of Salvatore brothers, Stefan still as Damon? Our nearly ninety days of waiting is over for us is obtaining nearer so as to returning the Vampire Diaries throughout Season three. we tend to all are aware that the CW officially restored the series last April twenty six, 2011 and everybody is happy an additional shot. The series brings back this explicit stars with their characters to get pleasure from our night.

Well, of course, with this new time we'd  expect from the new face to seep into our night of vampires, werewolves still as witches. The season finale involving last season left us from the air several queries hanging within our mind. I mean, what next following new lifetime of Jeremy and conjointly Damon? And what associated with Stefan, that appears to become dangerous times, and began the force of Klaus. How regarding the love triangle during which evokes the enigmatic relationship between Caroline, Tyler still as Matt. And Elena, who appear to felt one thing strange, especially, the love felt for that brother of her beau, her simple attraction for you to Damon. The Vampire Diaries season 3 episode 1

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